About Me


Nicola Goddard

I started living a consciously awakened life about 25 years ago. I consider that my spiritual journey, whether I was aware of it or not, began the day I arrived on planet earth. Fascinated by all things of a metaphysical, holistic, alternative and healing nature, I spent several years expanding my knowledge in that area by reading book after book, participating in events, seminars and workshops, until I was finally led to becoming involved in energy therapies over 15 years ago. I have since trained in a variety of different modalities.

I am an Accredited Practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique® Phases I – XIII, and a Supervisory Teacher Phases I – IV. This is a beautiful modality providing a powerful realignment within our energy anatomy, strengthening our spiritual backbone as we live in partnership with the Universe. It enables us to have more clarity, deepens our connection to all that is, helps us discover who we are, and helps connect us to a higher wisdom.

I am a certified Facilitator of Chakradance® and due to the fact that my academic background is in languages and linguistics, I became the world trainer for Chakradance® in Spanish, after having translated all the course materials. Spontaneous free-flowing dance (moving meditation), guided imagery and music with specific frequencies of sound, lead you on a wonderful inner journey to discover what lies deep within, promoting a sense of well-being, freedom, balance, and empowerment. The session closes with our experience being anchored into Mandala art for healing to take place.

I became a certified Past Life Regression Therapists in 2014, after realizing the important therapeutic benefits of understanding our history beyond this lifetime, and the impact this bears on our current circumstances.

Apart from the above certifications, I am also a Reiki Master and Teacher.

Enlightenment is not a change into something better or more, but a simple recognition of who we truly are. – Richard Rudd