Past Life Regression Therapy

PLRT is a therapeutic technique by which clients, under a highly induced state of relaxation, are taken back through time to their birth and beyond. By returning to important events in previous incarnations, not only is there confirmation that we are so much more than this physical body, but by connecting with traumatic experiences from earlier lifetimes, one can gain a greater understanding of recurring issues in this current lifetime.

So many of us struggle with frustrating fears and anxieties that seem incredibly irrational and appear to have no valid foundation, or unexplained and repetitive challenges that keep showing up no matter how hard we try to eliminate them. Understanding that this could be the result of a past traumatic event, can be extremely healing and therapeutic. Many people experience repetitive dreams and visions, and just have a knowing of certain facts from other times….how is this possible? PLRT can be the solution to many unanswered questions.

More advanced techniques used in PLRT are Past Life DNA Healing, moving through the Genetic Lines,  and working with the Karmic Wheel.

PER HOUR  ($85)

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