The Journey Begins

Welcome to my new blog!

24 JUNE, 2018

So here I am after about 3 months of MIA. I have been on various travels, mostly unplanned, and for very diverse reasons. Each trip offering me something a little different. It has definitely been a very interesting journey.

My first trip took me back to my home country, the UK, to attend a funeral. Although many tears shed, and much sadness shared, it was wonderful to reconnect with family and friends I hadn’t seen for many, many years. Also happy to offer some comfort and support to those grieving so heavily.

My second trip took me to Arequipa, Peru to visit a highly recommended Shamanic healer. I underwent several treatments to deal with an ongoing health challenge. I have returned feeling well, vibrant and full of energy.

My third trip, the only planned one of the three, was a family holiday to sunny Greece. I consider Greece as my second home, I love the climate, the food and most of all the sun and sea. On this trip I had the wonderful opportunity to visit parts of the country I had not been to before, such as the islands of Crete and Paros.

I am back into full blown training for my upcoming Camino pilgrimage in the spring. this will be a huge achievement for me, following the challenges I have had over the past few years. Challenging on a physical level, healing on an emotional level and inspiring on a spiritual level. Infinite possibilities await us once we decide to move forward no matter what.

Fuelled and recharged by all my travels, I am now ready to move ahead with my work full of passion and enthusiasm. I am looking forward to offering you sessions of the EMF Balancing Technique, Past Life Regression Therapy, and I will also be putting some Chakradance classes together, dates of which will be announced shortly. I am excited to be officially adding to my services that of Holistic Wellness Coaching. Although I have not yet added a page for this service, I will be charging $85 per hour.